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This site will provide you with information about our grant focus, answer questions about our grant application process and allow you to access our grant application software to apply for a grant.


To improve the lives of Grey and Bruce County residents by providing resources to groups and organizations committed to promoting health and assisting those who suffer from health related issues.


To provide support to individuals and families dealing with health related issues .

Learn More about our upcoming MedAhead Healthcare Camp, happening April 13th & 14th

James Goreski always told his children that he wished local lottery winners would use a portion of their winnings to give back to the community they were raised and lived in.

On February 3, 2019, his son Jason won the 649 Lottery. One of Jason’s first reactions was to establish a foundation in his father’s name. James Goreski passed away on June 26, 2017 after a long battle with cancer. Jason’s sister Lisa was and still is actively involved in the healthcare field. She was able to assist the family in dealing with James’ terminal disease. This family experience has led the family to want to assist individuals and families who are dealing with health-related issues.


Criteria for Grants

Applicants must either have a registered charitable number or be sponsored by an organization that is a CRA qualified donee.

Grants will be focused in the geographical area of Grey & Bruce Counties.


Applicant's projects must be focused in the health care field dedicated to be the promotion of health and/or provide benefit to a person or persons suffering from health related issues.


Applicant organizations may ask for up to 10% of their project budget for project administration costs.

For applicants outside of Grey & Bruce – please contact Jason Goreski at 519-374-4478 or jason@jamesgoreskifoundation.ca to determine if your project will meet the granting criteria and be considered for granting.


Grants are not usually made to support the normal annual operating costs of organizations or core services that are otherwise directly or indirectly, publicly funded. Enhanced services that are not core funded or part of regular operating budget are eligible. Applications of this type must explain clearly why the funding requested from the Foundation is not available from government sources.

Charitable organizations applying must have a strong local presence (e.g. local Board of Directors, a local office) or demonstrate that the program will specifically benefit residents of Grey and/or Bruce counties.


Directors of the foundation are available to meet with organization to discuss their potential programme grant application in advance of completing the online grant application. To arrange a site visit, please send the request to jason@jamesgoreskifoundation.ca.

  • To support ongoing operating costs including administration wages and salaries (except wages of front line workers dealing directly with persons for which the funding is required)
  • In response to fundraising campaigns
  • To cover deficits
  • To retire debts
  • To organizations that have not completed the terms of any previous grant(s) or have not submitted reports due for those grants

All applicants are encouraged to contact Jason Goreski to help determine whether the project meets the granting criteria

All applications for grants from the James Goreski Private Foundation will be reviewed to determine their eligibility.

When completing the online grant application, the application must be completed in full as incomplete applications will not allow the application to be submitted. The primary contact will receive an email when the application has been submitted.

All eligible applications will be reviewed by the James Goreski Private Foundation Grants Committee taking into consideration:

    • Proven/researched need for the program or service
    • Program or service objectives and evaluation procedures
    • Organizational strength
    • Mission/track record/people served
    • Community support/partnerships

Maximum grant amounts per organization may be established.

If the program or service fails to proceed or be provided, the grant must be returned to the James Goreski Private Foundation.

Recognition Requirements for Grant Recipients

Promoting the fact that your project is funded by the James Goreski Private Foundation demonstrates the impact of our work in the community.

In order to support the Foundation, we request that grant recipients use all available opportunities to:
    • Publicize receipt of your grant (e.g., newsletters, brochures, board meetings, donor lists, annual reports, etc.)
    • We request copies of any said materials be included in your final report
    • Highlight the support your organization has received by recognizing the James Goreski Private Foundation on all promotional and resource materials
      developed for and by the funded program or service for a one year period from the receipt of the grant
      • “Funding for the program/service is provided by the James Goreski Private Foundation”
      • The James Goreski Private Foundation is a local organization incepted in 2019 whose directors share the same mission of improving the lives of Grey and Bruce county residents by providing resources to groups and organizations commited to the promotion of health and assisting those who suffer from health related issues.  
    • Use a disclaimer on all resource material developed for and by the funded program or service.
      • ” The views and opinions expressed in the publication/website do not necessarily reflect those of the James Goreski Private Foundation”
    • If there is a concern related to privacy issues please contact Jason Goreski to discuss an exclusion from the recognition requirements

Since inception in 2019, the Foundation has made grants totalling $1,288,000

Community Grants

Grants for community projects and programs within Grey & Bruce Counties

Community project and program grants are made to qualifying organizations recognized by Revenue Canada as registered charities.

Groups without charitable registration may be sponsored by a “qualified donee” provided the sponsoring body agrees to be jointly accountable with the applicant for the use of the grant with signed legal documentation. For definition re qualified donee”Sponsor agreement forms may be accessed  by clicking on the pertinent button below.

Contact Jason Goreski at 519-374-4478 to ensure your project is eligible for funding before filling out an application form or email Jason (jason@jamesgoreskifoundation.ca)

Applicants are required to read the criteria before filling out an application form. Criteria may vary from year to year.

Please note – in order to apply, you will need to set up a new account by using the easy-to-follow instructions on the home page. This account will be used for future grants.

Click here to access the application form for grants.

Applications for 2024 grants window opens September 3, 2024 and closes October 31, 2024.

Below are forms for applicants who are not CRA registered charities and will be using a qualified donee sponsor. Links to these forms are also in the application form.

First Time Applicant

Thank you for your interest in applying for support from the James Goreski Foundation. We are committed to making a positive impact on individuals and communities.


To ensure your project fits within the Gorseki Foundation’s mission and objectives, we ask you to connect with us before beginning the application


One of our team will reach out to you to discuss your proposal and guide you through the process. This can be done in person, by phone, or virtually.


We look forward to hearing from you soon.

MedAhead Healthcare Camp

April 13th & 14th, 2024 – Registrations are now full


LOCATION: St. Mary’s High School

DATE: April 13th & 14th

Are you passionate about healthcare or curious about the diverse careers it offers?

Look no further! Our immersive weekend camp, proudly sponsored by the James Goreski Private Foundation, is tailored just for you. Delve into the captivating world of medicine and explore a myriad of healthcare professions firsthand 

Career Insights:

Discover the life of a doctor, nurse, paramedic, and more! Engage in enlightening discussions and gain insights into their daily routines, challenges, and triumphs.

Hands-On Experience:

Ever wondered how to administer CPR or put on a cast? Here’s your chance! Learn fundamental medical skills through interactive workshops guided by seasoned professionals.


Dive into the depths of healthcare specialties! From Emergency Medicine to Nursing, explore diverse fields and find where your passion lies.


Connect with like-minded peers and professionals, fostering relationships that could potentially shape your future in healthcare.

Fun & Learning:

Enjoy a blend of fun activities and informative sessions, creating an environment that
nurtures both your academic curiosity and social bonds.

Whether you dream of donning a stethoscope or healing with empathy, this camp is your stepping stone toward a fulfilling healthcare career. Open to 30 Grey Bruce high school students in grades 10-12, enroll now to secure your spot and embark on this thrilling healthcare journey!

For registrations and inquiries contact medahead@jamesgoreskifoundation.ca

Please email your registration form and the $50 to medahead@jamesgoreskifoundation.ca
Due to the overwhelming support, the 2024 MedAhead Camp is now full and will not be accepting any more applicants at this time. 


Yes, it is possible. If your group is a non-profit or an ad hoc committee, it may ask another registered charity or the local municipality to act as a sponsor. This means the sponsor would sign an agreement that would give them authority to accept the grant money on the applying organization’s behalf, the forward to the organization who would carry out the program or service.

The James Goreski Private Foundation is focused primarily on granting to program or services which benefit the residence of Grey & Bruce counties Please contact the foundation to discuss your situation to assist in determining eligibility for grants.

The directors of the Foundation would be pleased to meet and discuss your project eligibility.

The James Goreski Private Foundation is mandated by the Canada Revenue Agency and is required to write grant cheques only to “qualified donees” as defined here. An organization that has non-profit status may not be a charity registered with Canada Revenue Agency

The most appropriate $ amount to request whatever best suits of needs of the organization understanding that partial funding may be awarded.

Donations may be made as follows:

Cheque mailed to the Foundation’s registered office.
243112 Side Road 21
Owen Sound, ON
N4K 5N3



For Donors:

With a donation to the James Goreski Foundation, you become a supporter and funder for the provision of programs and/or services to assist residence of Grey and Bruce counties that need assistance in dealing with their health issues. All donations, small or large, can make a significant impact as it is added to the Foundation’s investment pool which provides income that is eventually distributed.


Grants at Work in Grey Bruce

Grant Deadline

Report deadline for 2021 Grants - March 31st of following year

Comments from our Grant Recipients

Grant Report Template

All organizations that receive grants from the James Goreski Private Foundation are required to submit a Report Form with receipts to support the use of the grant money. Photos of the project are also required (with the exception of organizations whose clients are at-risk).

Failure to submit a Final Report will result in non-eligibility for future grants. If the project is delayed,

please contact Jason Goreski to discuss the options 519-374-4478

Report Forms

Final Reports for Grants Grants must be completed online through the granting portal

Go to the granting portal to complete an online Final Report 

When you reach the dashboard, scroll to the bottom to find “Follow Ups”. You will find the Final Grant Report here. Access it by clicking on “edit”. With the Report, each organization will be required to upload a Grant Expense form. If you would like to fill the expense form out as you go, you may download the form below to your computer. 


*Note – this form is not fillable online, it must be downloaded to a computer, filled out, saved, then upload in the Report Form*

We provide support to individuals and families dealing with health related issues.​

Jason Goreski (Director)
Bronwyn Fryer (Director)
Clarke McLeod (Director)


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